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The OG w/ Cover

The OG w/ Cover

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Works on: Fence, Net, Tripod

When streaming sporting events through fence or net the streaming device needs to be positioned in a way to not have any obstructions in the view. Whether on fence or net, The OG w/ Cover is very simple to attach and adjust to avoid obstructions. On net back stops streaming set ups need to be light enough to not pull the netting and cause damage. Netting in the field of view can also be caused by the netting being pulled down by a heavy set up.

Direct sunlight causing your devices to shut down?

The OG w/ Cover shades your streaming device from direct sunlight to prevent shutdowns in the middle of your outdoor sporting event. The cover is easily removable in situations when sunlight is not an issue (shaded backstops, night games, etc.) Lightweight aluminum, rounded edges, and the ability to place the streaming device in a position to shoot through the back stop with minimal hardware. With the slotted design, a battery pack and other accessories can be attached in addition to your streaming device. Using our tripod adapter to attach the mounting kit to a tripod offers a solid foundation for a stable setup when netting or fencing are in poor condition. Suitable for all sports such as baseball, softball, tennis, pickleball, football, volleyball, and soccer.

What's included:
- Mount
- Cover w/ hardware
- Device holder (2 for smartphone kits, 1 for Action Cam/Mevo kits)
- Action Camera Adapter (Action Camera kit only)

All hardware to mount the holders or adapters is provided with your order. No cameras/electronics are included in purchase.

**The device holders included with the OG Models will NOT fit a PocketRadar.**

Disclaimer: Using the Mevo Start kit on loose netting could cause the mount to roll up and aim too high to see the field.

Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Phone option

Since the phone sits back “inside” the mount/cover, it’s next to impossible to stream without seeing fence links. Last year I used a clip on mount with phone holder and the view was so much better bc I could get the camera as close as possible to see through the open fence links. I bought this mount for the cover but am now disappointed in the view. Additionally, it said it would work on soft netting as well and it doesn’t. The mount falls back away pulling the netting and causing the camera to angle upwards and livestream the sky.

Nexus Mount OG

Very well built, super solid. I was expecting it to be a bit complicated to install on a fence the first time but it was so easy! Worked as described and all the parents are super happy that I’m streaming the games. Would buy again any day


Best mount I’ve tried and I’ve tried a lot. Easy and quick mounting, shades my camera, holds tight to the fence, doesn’t show chain link in camera. Perfect

Michael Moyer
Upgraded nexus

Way better than the original! Love it

Chris Martin

I replaced my previous Nexus Mount with the new OG w/Cover Nexus Mount because of the purported enhanced durability. When I opened the box, I couldn’t believe how sturdy the new mount was! It seems to me to be solid as a rock! My first Nexus Mount had become out of shape from bending during transport or forcing my phone inside while mounted instead of just playing it better to get the best view of the field. I honestly don’t think this new Mount is bendable, even if that was your desire, unless you used tools or extreme force.

I used the new OG mount yesterday for the first time. It mounted on a fence easy enough, but I need more practice placing my huge phone with a premium protective case inside the mount while it is already on a fence. Not a whole lot of room to maneuver due to the design to make this mount durable. I would trade ease of inserting my device for the durability and quality of this new mount every time!

I love this new product, The cover shades and protects my phone as best as I could imagine. I can also mount my large external battery inside the mount (however, I would give myself more time than a couple more minutes before starteding time to begin.) The ability to accessorize the mount is an added bonus that I may take advantage of at some point. Amazing product!

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