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The Maverick

The Maverick

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Works on: Glass and Plexiglass

The Maverick provides three mounting slots to attach and arrange any device along with a battery pack on the rink glass. Equipped with four strong suction cups, not only does it provide a strong hold for any device from an action camera to an iPad, but it is also a breeze to set up. Lightweight aluminum, rounded edges, and the ability to provide a steady shot on either side of the glass. Can also be used on the inside of the glass for coaches wanting to use for practice and have easy access to their devices. Comes assembled and ready to stream! Easily attaches to a tripod for indoor sports without a mounting surface available. Suitable for all sports such as hockey, basketball, volleyball, figure skating, and more.

What's included:
- Mount
- (4) Suction Cups
- Device holder (2 for smartphone kits, 1 for Action Cam/Mevo kits, 1 for Tablet kits)
- Action Camera Adapter (Action Camera kit only)
- Tablet holder (Tablet kits only)
All hardware to mount the holders or adapters is provided with your order. No cameras are included in purchase.

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